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Newsletter September 2011

Hello Elfin people!
First things first – you want to know when you’ll get your Diaries. Well, the pages are printed but John, the chap who does all the binding, has just gone on his fortnight’s holiday! So the Diaries won’t be ready for me until the end of the month. At which time, I’ll have a mammoth task of packing everyone’s orders and posting them out as fast as possible. (I will, however, delight my local Post Office – like so many village POs these days they’re strugging to survive, so I’ll be giving them all my posting business and heaving all those parcels up the road to them.)
The delay in printing isn’t the fault of the printers – I should have got the material to them at least a month earlier than I did; they’re a busy lot and had other jobs scheduled. Next year, I shall be properly organised (hah – get me, a Pisces, saying she’ll get organised!!) and get the Diary to them on time for an August/September launch.
In the meantime, I’ve been sorting out Caroline’s mailing list. She was a technophobe, couldn’t get on with computers at all (I remember her ringing me up one time, with “Something’s wrong with my computer!” Me: “So what happened?” C:” It wouldn’t do what I wanted, it just wouldn’t, so I picked it up and threw it onto the floor!” Me:”O dear…” C:”…and now when I switch it on, it just makes a funny noise and won’t do anything. Do you think I’ve broken it?”) So she didn’t have any idea how to set up customer lists on a computer; her ‘mailing list’ was instead a series of boxes containing C5 envelopes with a name and address on each, all indexed and sorted. Every time she used an envelope – to send out a newsletter, say – she would write out another envelope to replace it.
The system suited her, but that’s not the way I work. (For a start, I haven’t got the space for all those boxes in the bit of hallway that currently serves as my office.) So I’ve been entering every name and address (around 400 so far) into a computer database. And one thing I’ve noticed is that quite a lot of you live quite close by another Elfin customer; there are three of you just a few streets apart in Muswell Hill, for example, and the GU postcode seems to be full of you! So here’s a suggestion – when you (finally) get your D, how about taking it out in public, so that everybody can see it? Or how about wearing an Elfin T-shirt? You never know, there might be another Elfin person that you’ve been passing by for years, without knowing; and if you get together, well it gives Fate a chance to work….
And another bit of news – there WILL be a Desk Diary! If you haven’t seen it before, it’s A5 size (twice the sixe of the ordinary D), 252 pages, ringbound, softback, with two days to a page – plenty of space to write all your notes! It should be ready about the same time as the others and will cost £11.84 + the usual p&p. You can pre-order it now on the website.
Well, that’s all the news that fits… Hope you’re all keeping well, warm and dry.