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Newsletter October 2011

Hello Elfin Diary customers!
“When is my Diary going to arrive?” This is what lots of you have been asking me.
I’ve just got off the phone with the printer. He’s a hard chap to get hold of, been ringing him all week. And he says the first Diaries should be winging their way up to Scotland at the end of next week. Whereapon, I shall start packing them up and lugging them off down the road to our lovely little village Post Office – well, it’ll give ’em some work!
I really am sorry about this delay – it’s been caused by Caroline’s passing – because of that, I got the proofs to the printer a good two months late; they’re busy people, had to wait for a gap in their shedule to slot in the Diary. Then the wee little man in charge had to take his annual hols!
But it is being printed now, finally. To make a little amends for the delay, I’m sending three of those who have sent in an order and have been waiting very patiently, a free gift with their Diary. It’s a ‘Celtic Wisdom Book-in-a-Box” consisting of a set of Celtic totem animal cards, a Celtic pendant and a 200-page book written by Celtic expert Caitlin Matthews that explains things like the Celtic festivals, how to use the cards, rituals and blessings and lots more – all packed into a lovely box. Even if you don’t want it for yourself, it will make a great prezzie for somebody.
And the three draw winners (chosen at random, picked by a random number generator – I move with the times, me – no old-fashioned pick a number from a hat stuff!) are: Mrs de-la-Haye, Jenny Shakespeare and Stella Tuplin. Congratulations!
We have incense!
For those of you who have been missing Caroline’s wonderful Fern & Moss incense – I’ve finally tracked down her supplier and ordered a load. The price is £1.99 a packet (10 sticks to a packet), and the p&p is just £1 per order, delivered to anywhere in the world. Maximum order is 10 packets per customer, I’m afraid. You can send a cheque (made out to me) to the usual address, or pay by Paypal to (if you do that, email me to let me know the details).
This will NOT be sold on the website – it’s exclusive to people who have bought a Diary either this year or last year.
The 2013 Diary
Since I certainly don’t believe the world is ending on Dec 21st next year, I have now started work on the 2013 Diary – there won’t be any delay in getting it to the printer next year. I might have room for one or two short articles on Elfin Diary subjects; I can’t make any promises but if you’re interested in contributing something, drop me a line.