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Newsletter November 2011

Hello Elfin Diary peeps!

Well, it’s time for an update on the availablility of Diaries. Two lots of Diaries have been delivered here in the last 2 weeks – hardback and sofback Diaries only. There’s only one of me to do practically everything (although my lovely husband drives me and piles of parcels and packages to the Village Post Office every day ‘cos I can’t drive) So I’ve been frazzing around packing and dispatching Diaries for the last week. Ran out of big envelopes at one point and had to improvise with same old packaging material that I’d saved – as some of you may have noticed!
Like some of you, I’m sure, I have a tendency to flap and panic and rush around and generally make myself ill with stress, but this time for the most part I managed to pace myself and all I got was a few headaches and one day on the sofa with an inflamed ankle. It helps that I have a lovely Buddhist friend who sends me sayings and writings from Buddhist teachers (one of two of these have ended up in the Diary); being hopeless at meditation, I’d never become a Buddhist myself but reading this stuff does usefully remind me that there are other priorities in life.

Anyway, I’ve now sent out softback Ds to everybody who has ordered one,and there are still lots left. About half the people who ordered hardback Ds have got theirs. However – Desk diaries are STILL not here! They will arrive with the next delivery (along with some more hardbacks), in about 7-10 days, and I’ll frazz around once more to get them all out. I really have to thank you all for your very great patience in putting up with the delays – this was beyond my control and all to do with the printer (he’s had all kinds of problems this year culminating with last week when one of his workers had a heart attack and is now very ill). I promise it won’t happen next year.

There are still lots of T-shirts! Most of the XL sizes have gone but not many seem to want the L size; price is £7.84 each (P&P £1 for 1 +50p for each extra). I also have Fern & Moss incense! Available only to existing Diary customers, you won’t find this on the website. It’s £1.99 for a packet of 10 sticks, with P&P just £1 per order – maximum 10 packets per order, I’m afraid.

Well, that’s about all the news here. As usual, if you don’t want to get any more of these emails from me, just tell me so and I’ll wipe your email address from my computer; I’ll delete your snailmail address from my records as well, if you never want to read any of my witterings ever again!

Hope you lot are keeping warm and dry; the dark season is now well and truly upon us, but the blessed Solstice isn’t far away.