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Newsletter August 2012

Hallo to all Elfin Diary folk!

Well, the 2013 Elfin Diary is now ready. I’m much better organised this year, and the printer man has sorted out his problems (which were really dreadful, poor man), so everything’s on time this year!
The first batch of diaries is due to be delivered today, so you can order them now from the website.

Bad news / Good News
Don’t know about you, but whenever anyone asks me “Do you want the good news first, or the bad news?” I always tell them to give me the bad news first; that way, the good news afterwards will cheer me up! So that’s what I’m doing now.
First, the bad news – unfortunately I’m having to put up the prices of the Diaries and also the P&P. Like everybody else, my costs have risen and the huge postage rises in March haven’t helped. The sofback D is now £8.99, the hardback D is £14.99 and the Desk D will be £12.99 (the DD isn’t printed yet, but should be ready in about six weeks). P&P will be £1.75 + 75p for each extra item.
But for the good news – there will be FREE P&P on all items ordered before 23.59 BST on 22nd September 2012*; this will apply to orders by post as well – if the envelope arrives at Elfin HQ postmarked on or before 22nd September, the offer applies. I will also accept post-dated cheques.
*Why the 22nd Sept? That’s the date (though not the time) of the Autumn Equinox this year; it’s as good as any other date!

T-shirts this year are silver on green, size L (to fit 42-44in chest) XL (to fit 46 – 48in chest) and XXL (48 – 50 in chest). They will be £7.99 each.

The lovely Fern & Moss incense is available again. The price will be the same as last year – £1.99 a packet, with a maximum of 10 packets per order; as last year, P&P will remain free even after the other free P&P offer has ended.

Downloadable version of the Diary
I’ll again be selling a PDF version of the Diary – you’ll be able to download it from the website, but not just yet, as I’ve not finished getting it ready (I’m putting in one or two new features). You can then read the Diary not just on your computer or laptop, but also on a number of e-reading devices such as the iPad and the Kindle. (Sorry, because of the D’s complex layout PDF is the only electronic version possible.)

I’ve collected a list of shops which might sell the Elfin Diary and will be sending them a missive shortly, but I almost certainly missed a few. So if you know of any shops perhaps you could pass on their telephone number or email address to me, or ask them to contact me.

Finally, any other comments? Please let me know!