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Newsletter October 2012

Hallo to all Elfin Diary folk!

Well, its Autumn now, good and proper. Hope you’re all keeping warm and dry – hasn’t this rain been terrible this year? Hope you’re all keeping well, also – this year has been quite bad for a few people I know.

There are plenty of Elfin Diaries in stock! Softbacks, hardbacks and desk diaries. There are also some T-shirts, though stock is limited. And I’ve plenty of the wonderful Fern & Moss incense.
There are still a few T-shirts left; if you intend to order one, please email me or give me a ring first to check that I still have the size you want.

2012 Elfin Diaries
I also have some 2012 Elfin Diaries still left – softbacks, hardbacks and desk diaries. I’m selling these for £3 each, with free p&p. I’ve forgotten to put them on the order form (which I’ve already printed out!) so if you want to add one of them to your order, please write it in.


Thank you to all the people who sent in suggestions for shops to contact – I’m doing that now. Like all of you (I hope!) I fully support small independent businesses; I promise I won’t mind if you buy my D from one of them instead of from me! And if your local independent shop doesn’t stock the D, give them my contact details.
A couple of you have suggested Waterstones. I’m afraid that’s out, for several reasons. Caroline stopped dealing with them because they changed their distribution methods. Instead of supplying a few friendly branches herself with the D, as she had been, she had to instead send a load of Diaries to a central depot; there was vast amounts of paperwork involved and the minimum order demanded was quite unrealistic for a small publisher. And, according to her, getting money out of them was a big problem as well. So, no more Diaries in Waterstones.

Ads in the Diary
I’m thinking of putting paid ads in the Diary from next year. They’ll be in the back, so they won’t be obtrusive, and I will be extremely selective with them. There will be no ads for psychics, clairvoyants, selling of spells and magical services, for instance. Only ads that are in accordance with my own ethics will go in. The ads will also appear in the PDF version of the Diary (will be on sale soon!)
So, Diary fans, do you think this is a good idea or not? If a lot of you say it isn’t, I’ll drop the idea.


This year, I’m experimenting with different types of packaging to send the Diaries out in. Instead of the jiffy bags, I’ve now started using biodegradable plastic mailing bags. These are a lot less bulky, so they take up less space in my little house and in posties’ bags; they’re lighter as well (though unfortunately not so light as to need less postage, as I had hoped). Although they’re advertised as being tough, I’m still slightly doubtful about how well they’ll protect the diary in transit through the postal system. So if your D arrives damaged in one of these plastic bags, please let me know straight away.
(I still have quite a lot of jiffy bags left over, so I’ll carry on using them until they run out. So some of you will still be getting your D in a jiffy.)