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Newsletter September 2013

Hallo to all Elfin Diary folk!

First of all, apologies for getting out this newsletter so late. I was late completing the D, and didn’t get it to the printer until he was just about to go on his hols. Sigh. I promise, I really will be better organised next year. But it looks like there won’t be any Ds available until October.
More bad news is the the price of the Ds will have to go up. but to compensate, the hardback & softback Ds have 16 more pages.
I am again offering free postage for early orders. Order your Ds before October 21st (cheques can be post-dated) and you won’t need to pay P&P! This offer applies to anywhere in the world btw, not just this country

I am still selling the fern & Moss incense, at the same price, and again post-free.

2013 Elfin Diaries
I also have some 2013 Elfin Diaries still left – softbacks, hardbacks and desk diaries. I’m selling these for £4 each, with free p&p.

Well, what a funny, strange year this has been. Everyone I know seems to be having problems and struggles, and I hesitate to turn on the TV news any more – it’s been enough to depress anybody, lately.
More than ever, its worthwhile stopping to remind ourselves about what we have rather than what we do not have. For myself I can say that I’m alive, fairly healthy and have all that I need. My great hope that every one of you can say the same.