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Newsletter September 2014

Hallo to all Elfin Diary folk!

It’s another dynamic & thrilling newsletter from Elfin Diaries HQ! First the bad news – the Diary will be late (again! Yes I know!). But I’ve been so busy this year with house-moving, taming a really big garden, redecorating etc that I’m really behind with getting the Diary together. Also, I’ve developed RSI in my hands, which pretty much keeps me off the keyboard some days (being resistant to the idea of going to the doc and getting injections for it, I’ve found a gel called Biofreeze that’s really good for the pain). But I slugged on with it and its finally done. Expect the D to be ready in October or possibly November this year.
I’ve finally got a new article for the D – its ‘Recipes For the Eight Sabbats’, which somebody (sorry, I’ve forgotten who, but thank you for it) suggested years ago. I’m no cook and I’ve not tested the recipes, but they sound pretty yummy!

A little more bad news, sorry but I’ve had to increase the price of the hardbacked D to £16.99. The softback and Desk Diaries will remain the same price – £9.99 and £12.99 however.
I’m still selling incense – this year I’ve added a couple more smells – as well as Fern & Moss, I’ve got Orange Blossom and Oceans. Give them a try! They’ll still be the same price, £1.99 a packet with free P&P.

And I have T-shirts, as usual. This time the design on them is a bit different – an old woodcut of an astronomer with an astrolabe (that’s a sort of model of the Solar System). Colour is white on burgundy.

Another bit of news that some of you will like is that this year I’ll be able to process website card payments directly, instead of through Paypal. I’m not a huge fan of Paypal and I’ve finally found a reputable card-processing outfit that won’t cost me any more in charges than PP does. If you’re happy with Paypal, you can still use that, or send me a cheque or Postal Order. Or cash, gold bullion, whatever – you can pay for your D pretty much anyway you like! Except over the phone – that needs a good mobile signal and I haven’t got one of those. Using my mobile here means going out into the garden and waving it around for a bit and getting funny looks from the passing traffic!