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I may give up on supplying Elfin Diaries to shops. Every year I have problems getting payment out of one or two; that’s easily dealt with – I just don’t supply them again unless they pay up.
With the economy bad for almost everyone at the moment, I don’t nag traders for payment. People get plenty of time to pay up, without nagging. But this time, it’s been such a hassle! With some, I’ve been waiting over five months and never had any reply to my emails.
Publishing and selling Elfin Diaries was never meant to make me a fortune, just a living and no more. I enjoy putting it together and marketing it – what I don’t enjoy is getting people to pay up. In a good financial year, I can carry a bit of unpaid debt; but this isn’t a good year. Elfin Diaries, as a business, will start going down the plughole if I can’t get what I’m owed.
Which is why I’m seriously thinking of sticking to retail business and selling straight to customers. It’s so much easier!