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An electronic Elfin?

For a couple of years, I produced a PDF version of the Elfin Diary. This was basically the version that got sent to the printer, with hyperlinks to useful/interesting websites added.  I thought people would like this – an Elfin Diary they could install and read on their electronic devices! It was cheaper than the dead-tree versions as well. But sales were very disappointing; maybe a dozen in the first year, half that in the second year. (The third year, when I’d not bothered to put a PDF version on sale, I got a request for it from a visually impaired customer;  I sent her a copy – I’ll do the same for anybody with visual problems, so don’t hesitate to contact me.)

I regularly got requests for a Kindle version, but at that time it was simply not technically possible to convert the very complex layout of the Diary into anything other than PDF.  However, this year, I’ve been taking another look at e-book publishing, discovering that things have moved on in the last few years. It appears that the Diary can be converted into .epub and .mobi versions without losing readability.

It’s still quite a complicated process and will mean changing the layout of the D – but only for the electronic versions. The printed version will remain unchanged – people seem to like it that way. Though if you don’t, and you think it could be better, I’ll certainly consider your suggestions.  You’re the customer after all.