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November Newsletter

Hallo Elfin Diary people!
First of all, some news about the Diary. I’m afraid it will be late again. My plan was to to finish and proof it this last weekend, chuck it at the printer today and have it ready for posting off at the end of next week.
Hah! Thursday, I was shifting some furniture and my back went. Slipped disc apparently. Anyway, it’s blooming painful and I’ve been flat out in bed ever since, unable to get to my computer. I’m writing this on a little tablet thingy by the way; I’ll be getting a laptop ASAP so if this happens again I can at least carry on working.
Work on the D was further delayed earlier this year by my having cataracts; one has aready been fixed very successfully, and the other will be done by Christma. My sight is already improved.
(I’m not fishing for sympathy with all this, just letting you know what’s going on.)
If my back improvement continues, I should have the D at the printers next week; I’ll pay them for a fast turnaround and with any luck they’ll be in the post mid-November.

I think you’ll agree with me that 2016 has been a pretty strange year so far. Have a good Samhain, if you celebrate it; and let’s all try to make 2017 a better year in whatever way we can.