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Customer notice

Recently, going through the list of customers who have registered on this site, I noticed that that were far more registrations than actual customers (i.e. people who had bought something from the site). So I went through the list and found hundreds of obvious spam registrations (no, I won’t describe how I recognised them as spammers) and it took me a whole afternoon to delete them all. I undoubtedly erred on the side of caution and deleted some genuine accounts. If that’s happened to you, then you’ll have to register again. You may find it a litle harder to register this time as I’ve taken some measures to block spammers from registering.

A last note – you don’t have to register to buy stuff on here. Registering with your name and address simply ensures that your name and address details are prefilled at the checkout the next time you make a purchase from here. As ever, your details are safe; the website does NOT store credit card details. Also, I will never sell my customer list and I have strong anti-hacking security software. You can read my Privacy Policy here.