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August update

Still working hard on the D, but it should be printed before the end of September.

At the moment, I’m adding the ONT (On This Day) details – all the exciting stuff or famous people that happened / were born on that date. This is one of the hardest parts of putting the Diary together, involving trawling through online lists and deciding whether or not an event or person deserves to be listed in the Diary. It takes a long, long time.

I have certain criteria for including people and events. For instance, early on in our working relationship, Caroline (the Diary’s founder) decreed “There will be no deaths in my Diary!” and I’ve stuck to that ever since. That’s why you’ll see no mention of disasters, wars, celebrity deaths or the like. Also, I’m trying to include more women and non-Westerners in thre listings, but that’s not proving very easy. Too much of history was written by white males; lists of ‘famous women in history’ tend to consist of queens, princesses, mothers, daughters, wives and mistresses of said white males, whilst the so-called barbarians inhabiting non-Western lands were never written about at all. But that is starting to change, thank goodness.

Above all, I intend the Diary listings to be interesting, and/or entertaining (like the inclusion of International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day), and painlessly educational, introducing you to people or facts you’ve never heard of before; for instance, the world’s first portable computer came out earlier than you probably think!

I’ve carried those principles into the Psychic Guide, which I’ve been updating and adding to this year. So if you haven’t read it before, or for a few years, you may very well find all sorts of fascinating stuff.

On this site, I’ve added a new page, listing occult shops and organisations and I’ll consider all suggestions for additions.