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Diary Sales to EU countries

I’m afraid I can no longer deliver physical diaries to EU countries. This is solely down to the trade/taxation problems and excessive paperwork caused by the UK leaving the EU.

For EU customers, there are two ways around this:

  1. Order as normal through the website, but use the address of a friend in the UK (or any non-EU country) for the delivery address; this friend can forward the diary to you in their own packaging, putting “gift” on the customs label. Obviously, this will involve an extra postage charge, so I hope to mitigate that; EU customers can use the coupon code EUFREEPOSTAGE for free postage to any address (for diary orders only, sorry)
  2. Alternatively, order the bound paperback version of the Elfin Diary from your own country’s Amazon site. You cannot preorder this way however, and the Amazon version will not be on sale until September.

Sales of non-Diary items to EU countries

For EU customers wanting to buy mugs, T-shirts, bags & cushion covers, PLEASE DO NOT ORDER FROM THE WEBSITE. Contact me (via email or the contact form) with the details and I will have the items sent to you directly from the print company.

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