About the Elfin Diary

The Elfin Diary is more than just a diary – it is a mine of information.

The Diary comes in four formats:

A6 Diary 2-page spread

The pocket-sized A6 Diaries have a week to two pages spread and contain: a monthly astrological ephemeris; what to look for in the night sky each month; a glossary of astronomical terms; a planetary hours table; retrograde Mercury dates; the esoteric and astrological meanings of the planets; a void-of-course Moon table for the year; Moon phases, dates that the Sun enters each sign; the dates and times that the Moon enters each sign; mundane astrological aspects for each day; sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset times for each day; public holidays, holidays of all the major religions; special days; events in history and famous birthdays; quotations to make you think and smile; the Psychic Guide, an almanac of weird and wonderful things you probably never knew.
You can choose between a softback ringbound version, a ringbound version with hard covers and an elastic book strap, and a bound hardback.

Desk Diary 2-page spread

The Elfin Desk Diary is a softback ringbound, A5 size (double the size of the softback and hardback Diaries), has 3 – 4 days to a two-page spread and contains all the daily information of the smaller diary, plus monthly ephemerides (but not the Sun & Moon rise/set times or the night-sky information). There is plenty of room for you to write appointments, notes, thoughts, dreams – even a daily diary entry.

Finally, there is the PDF version of the small Diary. Downloaded instantly, it can be read on a computer, tablet, smartphone, or any other device that reads PDFs.