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Spring Equinox 2020 Newsletter

I hope this finds you all in good health. So far me & Brian and keeping the lurgy at bay by not going anywhere. It’s getting quite boring – apart from the Asda delivery driver, we haven’t talked to anybody or had any visitors for over a week now. It’s all very well being able to Skype and email people, but It’s not really a substitute for getting out of the house and talking face to face. However that’s life; sometimes you just have to accept that things are what they are and that you can’t change it.
Interestingly, I’m now seeing reports that lockdowns, flying bans and people choosing to stay at home are already producing cuts in air pollution and carbon emissions. What a pity that it’s taking a deadly epidemic to make us change our habits….

At least I’ve no distractions from working on the 2021 Diary – that’s all going pretty much to schedule. (Cross fingers, toss salt, clutch rabbit’s foot – oops, where’s that pesky rabbit got to?)

Hopefully, those of you that can get out are keeping an eye on elderly and vulnerable neighbours – just knocking and checking that they’re OK will cheer them up. And if you’re going shopping, save a few items for the local food bank if you can – not just food, but things like baby milk, soap, tissues etc; there’s been such panic-buying this last week that in many areas, there isn’t enough left for foodbanks to buy. And talking of panic-buying, why on earth is everyone stocking up on toilet paper? There are substitutes you can use – and you can’t eat it!

This coming weekend is quite busy, astrologically speaking. If you don’t already know, the Spring Equinox is this Friday, at 3.58 am (GMT). This is the astrological New Year, when the slate is wiped clean and new starts are possible. This year it’s followed by a Mars-Jupiter conjunction at 11.35 GMT. Mars and Jupiter meet up only every two years or so, so this is quite significant. The conjunction is in Capricorn – any project started now will eventually bring rewards – and the Equinox’s promise of a new beginning is emphasised.
On Sunday, Saturn moves into Aquarius – efforts to find a vaccine for COVID-19 will be stepped up globally, with co-operation between science communities across the world. But don’t expect a big breakthough just yet – on 11th May, Saturn turns retrograde, quickly slipping back into Capricorn. This retrograde period will last until 25th September and the Lord of Time won’t re-enter Aquarius until December. This suggests to me that the epidemic will be with us until the autumn.

Another astrological happening to watch out for is the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto on 5th April, an event that happens only every twelve years. This one will be in Capricorn, the sign of boundaries and restrictions; Jupiter represents expansion and travel, while Pluto signifies karma, endings and beginnings. In terms of the “lockdowns” going on, this may well mark the intensification of all kinds of restrictions. Accept what cannot be changed, draw on your inner strength, use the time wisely. In December, Jupiter will burst the bounds of Capricorn and enter Aquarius; and on the 21st December, the day of the Winter Solstice, Jupiter will join Saturn in Aquarius. So look forward to that!