This is a listing of shops, organisations and websites that I hope will interest readers of the Elfin Diary. Recommendations for links are welcome, but do not guarantee a listing.

(This page is very much unfinished – I am adding to it all the time.)


  • ATLANTIS London’s oldest independent occult bookshop, run by 3rd and 4th generation magic practitioners.
  • THE WESSEX ASTROLOGER Publishers and distributors of their own astrology titles, and online suppliers of over 320 leading astrological books.
  • THE ASTROLOGY SHOP Astrology books, horoscope readings, crystals, tarot cards, astronomical devices, cards, jewellery, incense, candles etc.
  • TREADWELLS Well-established occult bookshop that now offers podcasts, online lectures and online tarot readings
  • GREENSLEEVES A small, independent, family run Mail-Order book-service specialising in new, out-of-print and second-hand books within the “Mind, Body & Spirit” subject areas.
  • NEWS FROM NOWHERE Radical & community bookshop in Liverpool; wide selection of niche books.
  • THE ASTROLOGICAL ASSOCIATION LIBRARY An online bookshop run by the UK’s Astrological Association, selling second-hand astrology books. The stock includes many rare and out-of-print items and is constantly changing; email for the latest stock list.