Privacy policy

Privacy is important to all of us, so here is what I do to keep your data private.

Payment security At the checkout, clicking on one of the payment options will pass you directly to either Paypal or an outside card-processing company. No details of your card or your Paypal account are stored on this site.

Online Customer Accounts Online customers can, if they choose, set up an account on this site (go to the My Account page). This is purely to enable them to login the next time they make a purchase and have their billing details already prefilled in the checkout form; this database also stores details of their purchases.
Registered customers can delete their account by logging in and clicking on the ‘Delete Account’ link on their profile page; or simply contact me and request deletion.

Offline Customer Records The data I collect and store offline from you, my customers, consists of:
1) Your name and address;
2) Your email address (if you’ve provided me with one);
3) Details of your purchases from me, including method of payment (i.e. cash, cheque or electronic);
This data is entered into an electronic database; I review this database annually and permanently remove any who have not purchased from me during the previous three years. All paper records containing customer information are destroyed annually (in a garden bonfire). I don’t store any customer records ‘in the cloud’. All customer records and data are for Elfin Diary business use only, and not shared with anyone or sold on. I will honour any request for permanent deletion of all your records that I hold.

Email Newsletter List From time to time, I send out an email newsletter. Joining my mailing list is entirely voluntary – you can subscribe on the form below, or check the box on the checkout page; you will then have to confirm your subscription by clicking on a link in an email. You can remove yourself from this list at any time, either by clicking on the Unsubscribe link in the email or by contacting me and requesting your removal. I honour all such requests. You can sign up to the Elfin Diaries newsletter here.

Postal Mailing List Customers who have bought from me by post will receive two or three newsletters a year from me, by post, and can request removal from this mailing list at any time.