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Diaries are here

Well, the hardback Ds, at least – I’m still waiting for the softbacks and the desk diaries. I’ve actually sold out of hardbacks and softbacks and have got more on order. The print-on-demand service I’m using is good – although the initial printing is taking over three weeks, any reprints are apparently done in a day (or so the man says!) It’s more expensive than my previous printers, but so much faster!

I’m busy wrapping up and posting Ds, but I’ve finally found time to tweak the website. I’ve found a new woprdpress theme that looks great with only a few adjustments; I’m forced to admit that it’s much nicer-looking than the design that I created myself. I’ll start posting more Diary pictures as well, as soon as the other Ds arrive. I got the Diary PDFs to the printer so late that wasn’t time for them to send me a hardcopy proof. They’re slightly different to the old Ds – the softback D will have a full-colour cover, and the hardback D is a proper bound book. It looks very smart.

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News about the 2016 Diary

Well Diary peeps, I have to apologise – the D is going to be late again. I hope to have the first Ds for sale around the end of October. The bad news is that the price will have to go up – I’ll explain the reasons in the next newsletter. The D covers will also be a bit different – only the hardback and the desk diary will have the usual foil-block covers; the softback D will have a coloured laminated cover.
You can pre-order your Diary – I’ll have the website shop sorted in a day or two and will start sending out order forms for those customers who prefer to order by post. (If you want a paper order form, let me know your address via the contact form and I’ll add you to the post-only list.)
Sorry about this, but its been a difficult year here at Elfin HQ – I even thought for a while that I wouldn’t be able to keep the Elfin Diary going any longer.
Anyway, enough of the whinging – the D is going to be published!