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September 2021 Newsletter

Elfin Diaries Newsletter
This is another year that life has been throwing problems at me. My husband has been very ill; he has lung problems (emphysema) along with kidney and gallbladder problems. After several hospital stays he’s improving, but will never get back to his former health. So I am having to reorganise my life around him.
Now, I will be continuing with the Diary. But this year, printing is again delayed – I expect it at the end of October. Only the softback and hardback Ds will be available, there has simply be no time to get a Desk Diary ready. There was no time to write the monthly Sky at Night sections either, so those have been  left out this year.
Also on hold are plans to expand the website with a book sale page and more T-shirt designs. With luck, all that’s for next year! 
I’ve taken the Old Astronomer design T-shirts and mugs off the site, but if anyone wants one, just write to me and I’ll get one to you. The Old Astronomer Ts and the mugs will be in the same colours as always – red, green and blue. As usual, you can now pre-order your Diary. Use the coupon code POSTFREE22 at the checkout and you will get free postage on anything from the site – not just diaries!
I warned in my last newsletter that there may be price rises, but my printer hasn’t raised prices yet, so the D is still at the usual price. P&P will stay the same –  before the prices went up, I bought up enough mailing envelopes to last for this year and the next at least; plus I’m reusing all the mailing stuff I get. Notice for customers in the EU.  As you’ve probably found out by now, Brexit has considerably complicated things for anybody in the UK who sells goods to EU countries. As annual publications, my Diaries  are zero-rated for VAT; however EU customers may have to pay import taxes on them. After spending far too much time looking through the export regulations,  I don’t think that packages of single Diaries will attract attention from Customs, but bulk copies might.  So, please find out what the import costs will be for your country before you order.
You could of course buy and download the PDF version of the Diary and not have to bother with all that stuff at all!  The PDF will be on sale next month.
And finally…..
One of the commitments that I’ve dropped is my volunteer work for the Astrological Association; I’ve been a member for nearly half a century.  There’s a nice little article63(74.1%) about me on the Association’s website where you can read all about it. (Ignore the photo – they wanted a up to date photograph of me, in a big hurry, and that was the best I could do!)

Well, that’s all for now.  Hope you are all well and enjoying some sunshine.