DIARY NEWS: I expect the 2021 Elfin Diary to be ready in September/October, and be available for pre-order from August onwards. It will be available, as before, as A6 softback and hardback, and A5 softback. I’ll also be selling a 2021 Almanac, since quite a few people appreciated the Emergency 2020 edition. If you want to keep up to date, you can subscribe to my email newsletter. I normally send them out every couple of months and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Due to the current pandemic emergency, the company that supplies T-shirts, mugs and bags for me has had to close for the duration, so I’ve taken all those off the site. They’ll be available again next month.

Elfin's Almanac 2020
Elfin’s Almanac 2020

I do still have some copies of the 2020 Elfins Almanac available, so you can still order one; however, posting out copies is likely to be delayed. You can of course buy the PDF version instead and get the download immediately!

Until this is all over, stay well! – Val