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Diary Sales to EU countries

I’m afraid I can no longer deliver physical diaries to EU countries. This is solely down to the trade/taxation problems and excessive paperwork caused by the UK leaving the EU.

For EU customers, there are two ways around this:

  1. Order as normal through the website, but use the address of a friend in the UK (or any non-EU country) for the delivery address; this friend can forward the diary to you in their own packaging, putting “gift” on the customs label. Obviously, this will involve an extra postage charge, so I hope to mitigate that; EU customers can use the coupon code EUFREEPOSTAGE for free postage to any address (for diary orders only, sorry)
  2. Alternatively, order the bound paperback version of the Elfin Diary from your own country’s Amazon site. You cannot preorder this way however, and the Amazon version will not be on sale until September.

Sales of non-Diary items to EU countries

For EU customers wanting to buy mugs, T-shirts, bags & cushion covers, PLEASE DO NOT ORDER FROM THE WEBSITE. Contact me (via email or the contact form) with the details and I will have the items sent to you directly from the print company.

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September 2021 Newsletter

Elfin Diaries Newsletter
This is another year that life has been throwing problems at me. My husband has been very ill; he has lung problems (emphysema) along with kidney and gallbladder problems. After several hospital stays he’s improving, but will never get back to his former health. So I am having to reorganise my life around him.
Now, I will be continuing with the Diary. But this year, printing is again delayed – I expect it at the end of October. Only the softback and hardback Ds will be available, there has simply be no time to get a Desk Diary ready. There was no time to write the monthly Sky at Night sections either, so those have been  left out this year.
Also on hold are plans to expand the website with a book sale page and more T-shirt designs. With luck, all that’s for next year! 
I’ve taken the Old Astronomer design T-shirts and mugs off the site, but if anyone wants one, just write to me and I’ll get one to you. The Old Astronomer Ts and the mugs will be in the same colours as always – red, green and blue. As usual, you can now pre-order your Diary. Use the coupon code POSTFREE22 at the checkout and you will get free postage on anything from the site – not just diaries!
I warned in my last newsletter that there may be price rises, but my printer hasn’t raised prices yet, so the D is still at the usual price. P&P will stay the same –  before the prices went up, I bought up enough mailing envelopes to last for this year and the next at least; plus I’m reusing all the mailing stuff I get. Notice for customers in the EU.  As you’ve probably found out by now, Brexit has considerably complicated things for anybody in the UK who sells goods to EU countries. As annual publications, my Diaries  are zero-rated for VAT; however EU customers may have to pay import taxes on them. After spending far too much time looking through the export regulations,  I don’t think that packages of single Diaries will attract attention from Customs, but bulk copies might.  So, please find out what the import costs will be for your country before you order.
You could of course buy and download the PDF version of the Diary and not have to bother with all that stuff at all!  The PDF will be on sale next month.
And finally…..
One of the commitments that I’ve dropped is my volunteer work for the Astrological Association; I’ve been a member for nearly half a century.  There’s a nice little article63(74.1%) about me on the Association’s website where you can read all about it. (Ignore the photo – they wanted a up to date photograph of me, in a big hurry, and that was the best I could do!)

Well, that’s all for now.  Hope you are all well and enjoying some sunshine.
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The 2021 Desk Diary will not be available

Sofrry, folks, but I won’t be bringing out a Desk Diary this year. Because of personal circumstances, I was unable to complete it in time for printing. Everyone who has paid for a Desk Diary will be getting their money back.

The 2021 softback and hardback Diary is definitely coming out – it’s about to go off to the printers, so I’ll start posting them out in about three weeks.

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Discounts for bulk buys are now available

I know that several of my customers buy my Diaries to distribute to their friends, group or students, so I’ve introduced a bulk-buy discount – buy five or more of any items, and you get a 10% discount and free shipping!

This applies to all purchases, not just diaries, so you might want to buy a mug, bag T-shirt, or a copy of the Todmorden Tales for yourself at the same time.

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August update

Still working hard on the D, but it should be printed before the end of September.

At the moment, I’m adding the ONT (On This Day) details – all the exciting stuff or famous people that happened / were born on that date. This is one of the hardest parts of putting the Diary together, involving trawling through online lists and deciding whether or not an event or person deserves to be listed in the Diary. It takes a long, long time.

I have certain criteria for including people and events. For instance, early on in our working relationship, Caroline (the Diary’s founder) decreed “There will be no deaths in my Diary!” and I’ve stuck to that ever since. That’s why you’ll see no mention of disasters, wars, celebrity deaths or the like. Also, I’m trying to include more women and non-Westerners in thre listings, but that’s not proving very easy. Too much of history was written by white males; lists of ‘famous women in history’ tend to consist of queens, princesses, mothers, daughters, wives and mistresses of said white males, whilst the so-called barbarians inhabiting non-Western lands were never written about at all. But that is starting to change, thank goodness.

Above all, I intend the Diary listings to be interesting, and/or entertaining (like the inclusion of International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day), and painlessly educational, introducing you to people or facts you’ve never heard of before; for instance, the world’s first portable computer came out earlier than you probably think!

I’ve carried those principles into the Psychic Guide, which I’ve been updating and adding to this year. So if you haven’t read it before, or for a few years, you may very well find all sorts of fascinating stuff.

On this site, I’ve added a new page, listing occult shops and organisations and I’ll consider all suggestions for additions.

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I am still working on the Diary, but expect it to be ready for the printers in September. In the meantime, I’ll be taking pre-orders from next month. Sign up to my newsletter if you want to get an early-bird discount!

I’ve added a Links page, listing independent shops, along with organisations and websites that I think may be of interest to Elfin Diary readers. I like to encourage small businesses and shops, so if you know of one, let me know. (However, I can’t guarantee a listing.)

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Customer notice

Recently, going through the list of customers who have registered on this site, I noticed that that were far more registrations than actual customers (i.e. people who had bought something from the site). So I went through the list and found hundreds of obvious spam registrations (no, I won’t describe how I recognised them as spammers) and it took me a whole afternoon to delete them all. I undoubtedly erred on the side of caution and deleted some genuine accounts. If that’s happened to you, then you’ll have to register again. You may find it a litle harder to register this time as I’ve taken some measures to block spammers from registering.

A last note – you don’t have to register to buy stuff on here. Registering with your name and address simply ensures that your name and address details are prefilled at the checkout the next time you make a purchase from here. As ever, your details are safe; the website does NOT store credit card details. Also, I will never sell my customer list and I have strong anti-hacking security software. You can read my Privacy Policy here.

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September Newsletter

Hi Folks
Well, I have good news and bad news…
The bad news first: The Elfin Diary will not be published this year.
The good news? I will be publishing an Elfin’s Almanac in its place.
This year has been a pretty awful year for myself and my husband. We’ve had a small series of disasters (like the car expensively breaking down time & again) but the worst of it has been illness for both of us. First, my husband, after being unwell for several weeks (but refusing to see the doctor because “it’s only a bug”, the silly man!) eventually collapsed with abdominal pains and had to be rushed to hospital, where sepsis was diagnosed. Luckily, the doctors caught it in time; but when he was discharged home, he was still very weak and needed my constant care.
Then after three weeks or so of running around and worrying, my arthritic knees started to swell up and hurt.  Normally, this isn’t a big problem – I just stay off my feet for a few days. However, this time the pain didn’t go away. In fact, it started spreading to the rest of my joints; my muscles became very stiff and painful also. Pretty soon, I was spending 12-15 hours a day in bed. I was unable to do anything really, even holding a book or a tablet up to read hurt my hands. Adding to things, sleeping was difficult and continually disturbed by pain.  I certainly couldn’t sit up at the computer – 20 minutes or so of that had my back and shoulders aching badly. Luckily, husband was on the mend by then and was able to look after me.
So, in short, I was unable to do any work at all on the D from early July onwards. I had most of it completed; all that remained was filling in all the diary pages: the daily transits, moon changes, festivals etc, plus the Sky at Night articles. This is the biggest job of all and takes me at least six weeks.
Anyway, at the beginning of September, after blood tests and doctors visits, I finally got a diagnosis of  Polymyalgia. It’s an autoimmune disorder, so its often triggered by stress. I’m taking medication and feeling much better, but I get tired very easily and usually have to nap in the afternoon. And the polymyalgia could return at any time.

So – there I was. Sitting at the computer, wondering if I could ever finish the Diary, and sadly deciding that I couldn’t – not without damaging my health again with the stress. Then up popped an email from Amazon, begging me to buy the latest Old Moores Almanac. And a lightbulb went off!
I had most of the information I needed to finish the D already on my computer, in the form of lists and reference works; it wouldn’t take a great deal of work to transfer those lists into an Almanac.  And the small Diary has always functioned as an almanac as well as a daily diary. So, just for this one year, the Diary will become an Almanac.
Not to be able to bring you a special 30th anniversary edition of the D (yes, the first Elfin Diary came out in 1990!) is a big disappointment – I had lots and lots of plans for it.
But, as the saying goes, if you want to give the Gods a laugh, just tell them your plans….

The Almanac has nearly everything that the Diary usually carries, except for the actual diary pages with their daily transits, birthdays etc, and the Sky at Night articles. It will be out next month, will cost £8.64 plus the usual postage. You can preorder it here – use the coupon code OCTFREE at the checkout to get free postage on your entire order (valid until October 31st).
Oh and on’t worry, the Diary will be returning for 2021!

I’ve also the usual mugs and T-shirts on sale. Unfortunately, the reliable little firm that has always printed them for me has gone bust and I couldn’t find anyone charging the same low prices. So my apologies for the price rises.

Finally, a plug for mine & Brian’s writing effort The Todmorden Tales We had intended to bring it out last spring, but life got in the way. I’m still working on the Kindle version, but the paperback is almost ready to print and you can preorder it from the website. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, just have a look at the site and read the sample chapter. You never know, you may like it!

Well, that’s all the news for now,

My hope this year is that you are all well and have what you need.

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Midsummer Newsletter 2018

Well, the Solstice is here – at 11:07 BST on the 21st – and the days will start getting shorter (if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, of course; its the reverse if you’re South of the equator). I’m still working on the Diary, but things are going much better than they’ve been for the last couple of years and Things are on course for printing at the end of September.
You can buy your elfin T-shirts, bags and mugs from the site, if you can’t wait. I’ve spruced up the site a little and I’ve done away with most of the T-shirts and other stuff that I’ve had on sale for the last couple of years. Nobody seemed interested in buying them, which was rather disappointing – I thought that everybody would want a splendid gold-on-black Zodiac T-shirt, at the very least. So they’re off the site; however, if somebody wants one still, I’m prepared to do one-off orders.And I’m always on the lookout for new designs that you may like.

Besides the Diary, I’m also busy on a new project. Way back in the Dark Ages before the internet, me & my husband Brian published a small magazine call The Little Red Book. In it, we published a series of very unserious short stories called Tales of Old Todmorden, about a coven of pagans in Yorkshire and their various comic misadventures. We wrote 17 or 18 of these stories and people seemed to like them; for years, we’ve been asked if we can bring out a collection. Well, twenty years on, we’re finally getting around to it!
With luck, the Todmorden Tales will be published in the autumn, in both print and ebook.
I’ve set up a website where you can download one of the stories for free; if you feel the book is worth buying, then you can sign up for email updates there: Or just contact me.

Well, that’s all the news for now. Enjoy the solstice!

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Well, I’ve been tidying up the website a bit. Because nobody was buying them, I’ve deleted all the Zodiac and Dreamcatcher T-shirts, and the Dreamcatcher mugs and bags. I was quite disappointed that they didn’t sell that much, I thought they were good designs. I’ve also deleted the mousemats and notebooks – again, almost nobody seemed interested in buying them. I may introduce one or two new mug and T-shirt designs, but from now on I think I’ll mainly stick to Diaries.
I’ll soon be bringing out the 2019 Elfin Ts, bags and mugs, so look out for those!

As for the 2019 Diary, it’s still on course for a September printing. Will there be a Desk Diary as well as the softback and harback? I will NOT make any promises – it’s all depends…..

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The Number of the Diary!

I’ve just got an ISSN number for the Elfin Diary. It’s the same as an ISBN number for books, but for periodicals. The Diary’s ISSN is 1368-9134; the advantage of having one is that shops with digitised cataloguing/ordering systems can easily order the D.
I came across ISSNs by accident while looking for something else; the system is operated by the British Library and I will be sending them a copy each year. In my correspondence with the Library I discovered that Caroline had been doing that since the first edition of the Diary in 1990. Thanks to the over zealous executor of her estate who refused me access to her paperwork and records, I had never known that. They’ve requested that I send them Diaries for 2012 – 2016; I’ll have to start digging around in my cupboards!
If anybody reading this has old Elfin Diaries that they don’t want to keep, please let me know – I can probably take them off your hands. There are gaps in my own collection of Ds, especially the ones published in the 1990s before I met Caroline.

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A Word About Privacy

Data privacy and data protection have been in the news a lot lately and no doubt some of you are worried about how safe your online data is. If you’re an Elfin Diaries customer, I can at least reassure you that your data is safe with me; I’ve installed excellent (and expensive) security software on the site to keep out hackers and other nasties, and am very careful about how I store customers’ records. Go to the Privacy Policy page for full details.

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Just a quick note…..

….. to let you all know that I’m dealing with your ordes as fast as I can – I’m very aware that many of my Ds are destined to be Chrissie presents.
This is a pic of the present state of my office. It’s normally a lot tidier, but I’m so busy…!
Anyhoo, I’m down to the last 50 or so orders and I hope to get them all out tomorrow.
There will be postal strikes next week, but as the strikers are all Crown Post Office employees, and posties and sorting office staff are still working, I’m not expecting them to interfere much with the Diary deliveries. However, I’ll still try to post out as many as I can before the end of the week.

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November Newsletter

Hallo Elfin Diary people!
First of all, some news about the Diary. I’m afraid it will be late again. My plan was to to finish and proof it this last weekend, chuck it at the printer today and have it ready for posting off at the end of next week.
Hah! Thursday, I was shifting some furniture and my back went. Slipped disc apparently. Anyway, it’s blooming painful and I’ve been flat out in bed ever since, unable to get to my computer. I’m writing this on a little tablet thingy by the way; I’ll be getting a laptop ASAP so if this happens again I can at least carry on working.
Work on the D was further delayed earlier this year by my having cataracts; one has aready been fixed very successfully, and the other will be done by Christma. My sight is already improved.
(I’m not fishing for sympathy with all this, just letting you know what’s going on.)
If my back improvement continues, I should have the D at the printers next week; I’ll pay them for a fast turnaround and with any luck they’ll be in the post mid-November.

I think you’ll agree with me that 2016 has been a pretty strange year so far. Have a good Samhain, if you celebrate it; and let’s all try to make 2017 a better year in whatever way we can.

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More News

Last year’s softback diary was pretty awful quality, I have to admit; it’s one of the rasons I’m using a new printing company this year. They’ve just sent me some samples and I’m impressed with the quality of their paper, binding and card. The softback, at least, will be much better this year. Happily, their prices are also cheaper – which means that I can reduce the softback price back to £9.99!
I’m still looking at finishes for the hardback D, but i don’t expect to have to put any price increase on that. The same goes for the Desk Diary, btw.

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August News

Hi folks!
I’m now organising the 2017 Diary, and making some changes. I’ll still be selling Elfin T-shirts, but I’m adding a range of non-Elfin Ts. A couple of examples are posted here. There are several more designs to come, including a set of Zodiac signs. I may even be selling Elfin mugs as well!
Oh, I’ve not forgotten the Diaries – they should be ready sometime in October. It will be a bout three weeks or so until i get an idea of prices; when that happens, you will be able to pre-order them here. So stay tuned…. Better still get on my mailing list (see right).

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New stock arriving soon!

I’ve now just wrapped up the last of the current stock of hardback Ds, and have about 6 softbacks left. But I had already ordered reprints of both before Christmas – they should be here next week sometime. So you can still order a Diary; just be prepared for a wait.
I still have plenty of Desk Diaries, and of course unlimited supplies of the PDF Diary.

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It seems that the flood danger is over for now. However, there is still considerable disruption to services in Dumfries & Galloway, so I won’t be posting out anything until tomorrow (Saturday). The postal services may or may not be working then – they weren’t working last Saturday – and Monday will be a holiday here in Scotland, so they won’t be working then.
Sorry if you’re waiting for a Diary to arrive, but I can’t change the weather, or holidays!

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Flood News

I won’t be able to deal with any orders for a few days, perhaps not until next week. The storms have affected our area quite badly, we are in a flood danger zone and more rain is forecast. There is no postal service.
This morning the river alongside our property briefly burst its banks and the water got up to our doorstep before going down. Most roads are closed and I’m concentrating on making my home flood-safe (half the garden is currently under water, despite the drop in water levels).

So thanks for your patience and have a good New Year!

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Softback Ds are here….

Diaries ready to post
Diaries ready to post

The softback Ds arrived last night (yes, a Saturday night), so today I’m busy packing up Ds ready for posting tomorrow. Hopefully, the desk Diaries will be here tomorrow. There’s hundreds of orders, with only me & Hubby to deal with them, so some of them inevitably won’t arrive before Chrimbo. Sorry about that folks; this year, it couldn’t be helped. But I’ll be more organised next year. I’m even thinking about doing the wall calender again!
Anyway, I’m dealing with the earliest orders first, and the ones I know are meant as Chrimbo prezzies. The people who haven’t paid for their Ds within a month after ordering will be left until the very last – when there are unlikely to be any Ds left anyway!

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Diaries are here

Well, the hardback Ds, at least – I’m still waiting for the softbacks and the desk diaries. I’ve actually sold out of hardbacks and softbacks and have got more on order. The print-on-demand service I’m using is good – although the initial printing is taking over three weeks, any reprints are apparently done in a day (or so the man says!) It’s more expensive than my previous printers, but so much faster!

I’m busy wrapping up and posting Ds, but I’ve finally found time to tweak the website. I’ve found a new woprdpress theme that looks great with only a few adjustments; I’m forced to admit that it’s much nicer-looking than the design that I created myself. I’ll start posting more Diary pictures as well, as soon as the other Ds arrive. I got the Diary PDFs to the printer so late that wasn’t time for them to send me a hardcopy proof. They’re slightly different to the old Ds – the softback D will have a full-colour cover, and the hardback D is a proper bound book. It looks very smart.

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The Elfin Diary September Newsletter

Hallo all Efin Diary peeps!
Well, it’s been a bit of a year here at Elfin HQ.  I’ve had to say goodbye to my printer at rather short notice (I’m not going into the reasons) and the financial situation has been dire.  My chronic health problems haven’t been helping either.  But I’m still here and I’m determined to bring out the Elfin Diary once again.
It’s going to be late again, I’m afraid – I anticipate I’ll have the first copies ready at the end of October.  Unfortunately, as the one good thing about my old printer was that he was cheap, I’m going to have to raise the prices of the Ds.  The new prices are: hardback £17.99;  softback  £11.99; desk diary £16.99.
You can pre-order them from the website now.  There will be a PDF version at the usual £5.99;  but that isn’t ready yet.
There will be incense – I’m waiting on a shipment of Fern & Moss. The price is the same and again, no postage will be charged for incense alone.   There will also be T-shirts – I’m awaiting the arrival of those as well. The postage on the Ds  and the Ts will be the same as last year – £1.50 per order.

Now, is there any good news to report?  Most of the trees I planted in the garden this year and last year are still growing!  That’s several fruit trees, two oak trees, a beech tree, a weeping willow and a cherry. Seeing that lot – and the other trees I intend to plant next year – grow into a woodland will certainly be an incentive to stick around for as long as possible!
Honestly, I’ve found that planting a tree is extremely therapeutic and positive (and yes, I do go out and talk to them as well). So if you have some garden space, why not plant a tree yourself?  The Woodland Trust will be happy to advise you on all aspects of trees and tree care; under some some circumstances they’ll even pay part of the cost of planting a small woodland.  Go to, write to them at  The Woodland Trust, Kempton Way, Grantham, Lincolnshire NG31 6LL  or ring them on 0330 333 3300.

But that’s all for now peeps.  Here’s hoping that all’s well with you and yours,